Friday, March 30, 2007

A ”nerd deluxe”, please...

The big topic of discussion the last couple of days has been the documentary in which Göran Persson sits in front of a camera and describes his life as Prime Minister (the interviews were made during his whole tenure as PM). Now Göran Persson complains about how the material – over 100 hours – has been cut. And I agree: please do another loooong version for all political nerds who wants to hear everything he said about politics, and not persons. Maybe it can be included as extra material in the new dvd that is about to be released? A “nerd deluxe”?

* * *

Sweden lost to Northern Ireland in a qualifier to the Euro 2008 so I will finally have to write this: Time to go, national coach Lars Lagerbäck. Thanks for all the fun, but this just ain’t good enough.

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Anonymous Lasse said...

100 timmar Ordförande Persson...det måste innebära att vi varje jul får möjligheten att önska dvd-boxen med 10 timmar oklippt material i 10 år framöver... Härliga tider!

30/3/07 20:18  

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