Sunday, May 20, 2007

So, who do you want to see on the Democratic ticket?

During my vacation in the US, I asked the question above to almost all my close friends. Even if this was a highly informal poll, quite a few said something along the lines: “I am tired of all of them, but I hope Gore will run”.

Most people I talked to thinks that Hillary will win the Democratic nomination, easily so if Al Gore doesn’t run (polls here). But it was clear that there is a vague feeling of discomfort when her name is brought up among Democrats; a lot of people just don’t like her (maybe due to years of right-wing smear in the media, or due to something else that most people cannot really explain). Or as one friend put it: “I just think this country needs change, and not another Clinton or Bush”.

Barack Obama and John Edwards are both quite popular, but regarded as too inexperienced -- especially in a time when America is asking and dreaming for steady, experienced leadership.

And as we know this election season has been going on forever already, a recent poll suggested that people are getting tired of the 2008 election. So maybe there is room for a late entry by a skilled and experienced politician?

Anyway, Al Gore will visit Larry King on Tuesday (Wednesday on CNN International) and maybe he has something to tell us. Legendary consultant James Carville once compared running for president with having sex -- if you have had it once, you would like to try it again…

And whom do I want to see on the Democratic ticket? Al Gore, because I think he is the most competent candidate, the most likely to win, and he never voted in favor of invading Iraq (he was opposed to the war all along). As his running mate: Barack Obama, because this time it is time to make history, as we all have seen this man has star quality – and as VP he will get more experience. As Senate majority leader: Hillary Clinton, since she is an enormously talented politician and we need more women in US politics. As speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi, because it would be awesome if Congress would be run by female politicians.

And if Gore doesn’t run: I think Hillary, because if elected, it would mean so much for gender equality in the world. And personally I like Hillary as well as the Clinton family. But the Democrats need to win 2008, and right now I prefer the scenario above: Gore/Obama, with Clinton/Pelosi running Congress.

As always, a very optimistic scenario. And as always, hey -- this is my blog.