Tuesday, May 15, 2007

US vacation 3: The streets of Baltimore

Nobody has done for my appreciation and almost love for the music also known as Americana, than my friend Jeff from Texas. When we were students at SAIS in Bologna, Jeff gave me my first issue of the magazine No Depression. Every once in a while he brought me a new cassette (this was before the iPod, kids) with music played by bands like Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, and Golden Smog.

Last week, Emma and I visited Jeff and his wife Holly in their wonderful new house outside Baltimore, Maryland (thanks Lukas for the ride up). We had a nice barbeque on their back porch, but before going to sleep Jeff and I had to go down to his basement and listen to music for a few hours. Jeff mixed some tunes on a CD for me and as I listen to the songs now, memories of our journey from Washington DC to his family in Houston, Texas right before Christmas 2002, as well as our most recent session in the basement, come right back. And yes, his dog Hondo (the best dog in the world) was with us both times.

Some of the music I am listening to tonight include songs by The Minus 5, Big Star, The New Pornographers, and the classic band Pavement. Great stuff, thanks Jeff, and we need to talk music again soon. For example, both Golden Smog and Wilco have new albums out this month...

[Photos of Jeff and Lukas; Emma and Holly, and Hondo]

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