Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thanks Tony, over to you Gordon

Today it isOver to you, Mr Brown”, as the title of the book I am reading (by Anthony Giddens) is also suggesting. I have been watching Sky News for an hour and for a political anglophile, these are interesting days. Blair was really in good form today as he participated in the Prime Minister’s questions for the very last time (watch it here), and Sky has been running clips and debates for most of the evening. And Guardian has loads of articles as well.

I have written a longer essay on Tony Blair’s legacy, and you can read it in Swedish here. I will try to translate it soon, and also write more about Giddens very interesting book (and thus the future challenges facing Gordon Brown).

And don’t miss that a high-profile Tory defected and joined Labour today. Harsh words about Cameron the chameleon, read his letter of explanation here.

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Blogger DeTocqueville said...

I caught myself getting a little choked up watching Tony's last "Question Time".

Is that weird?

28/6/07 08:56  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

I can only say: I felt the same way...

28/6/07 15:59  
Blogger Claes Nordmark said...

Eric, good article in AiP. By the way, Brown´s "honeymoon" was really short when al-Quaida has tried to blow off a few bombs...

1/7/07 14:58  

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