Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just a short one…

…on the Danish bloke who ran onto the pitch and tried to hit the referee (YouTube here). Two thoughts:

1. Sure, it would have been great if Ljungberg scored on the penalty, giving Sweden the victory 4-3. But who knows what could have happened in that stadium then? So, the referee made the right decision.

2. Since I am a Liverpool fan, high fences immediately bring back very tragic memories. But maybe there are some kind of somewhat higher fences, that would be at least a little more difficult to just jump over for a rather heavy (i.e. fat) bloke who just had 20 beers?



Blogger Brian Booth said...

We all have our sad memories with fences, unfortunately :-(


By the way, johan Vandelanotte, SPa chairman, went into the press this morning saying that his party would join a government either with or without their French-speaking sister party.
So much for what I said on him being a possible compromise PM after sunday...

7/6/07 01:03  
Anonymous psj said...

In stead of the fence discussion - we could also just hire guards in Denmark - not looking at the pitch - but at the audience...:-)

16/6/07 14:55  

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