Friday, June 08, 2007

It’s not only about Hillary and Giuliani

In the US Presidential race, there are a lot a candidates mainstream media seldom writes about. As a change, watch this interview with Republican candidate Ron Paul on John Stewart’s Daily Show. And don’t miss Stewart’s debate advise to Ron Paul (right at the end).

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I got some questions about the election in Belgium, and yes I am trying to follow it (mainly through Le Soir). But honsestly, it is not easy to follow politics in Belgium, so I hope my friend Brian will continue to help me. From what I understand, the PS is doing OK in Wallonia/Brussels (first in the polls!?), while the SP.A is between second and fourth in the Flemish part (??).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belgian politics are indeed not easy to follow: is it six parliaments, or so..?
So thanks for the link: excellent.

13/6/07 23:50  

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