Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Worlds colliding again

I wrote about worlds colliding the other day, and then Hillary decided to mix politics and The Sopranos in a new video just the day after! Read more in Washington Post and The New York Times. Don’t miss the new video, featuring Hillary’s husband Bill and ”Johnny Sack” from The Sopranos.

But after meeting with Robert Kuttner (yes, the man who co-founded American Prospect) at Arenagruppen yesterday I am even more convinced that Al Gore should and will run. Gore was right on the major issues 15 years ago (globalization, sustainable development, open economy and strong welfare) and he has been re-born after quitting politics. And is Bloomberg entering the race? If so, remember that Ross Perot took more votes from Bill Clinton then we would like to remember.

* * *

Thanks to a friend I have been listening to Regina Spektor all morning, website with music and even the game ”Spektris” here.

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