Monday, April 10, 2006

Oh, what a night...

By now, I guess y'all know that we don't know how this election is going… Giving my weird interest in politics I am now sitting in the hotel lobby with some friends (and fellow travelers of the Arena Group), watching Italian television and reading web pages and making phone calls to Italian comrades. Right now it looks like the result in the Lazio-region will decide the Senato, which is now slightly leaning to Berlusconi. But this will change if we pick up Lazio, which is very uncertain right now.

The Camera [the lower house], on the other hand, seems to be leaning Prodi again (50,5 vs. 48,9 right now). But this can change again. And then we have the vote of the Italians living abroad… According to one Italian friend I just talked to, the turnout in this group seems to be high, and it is likely to be leaning Berlusconi.

Conclusion: we don’t know, and there is already talk about new coalitions, another general election, etc etc. But since I am such an optimist I will leave you with this: we will win Lazio and thus the Senato, and the squeeze through with a majority in the Camera as well. I admit this is my wishes, but I admit I am a confident dreamer.


Anonymous Jon Worth said...

Where does this leave the right I wonder? Is the danger that they get rid of Berlusconi, have Fini heading up the right and he does a lot better in a second poll?

Horrible that Italy has seemed almost incapable of getting rid of an idiot like Berlusconi!

11/4/06 01:43  

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