Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Finally and officially: I'm a PES-activist!

It's Europe Day today, and if you are a progressive there is one evident way to celebrate this: become a PES-activist! I am now officially registered, I have paid €10 to our common European Social Democratic Party and yes, I do feel pretty good about it.

The big question is: will this change Europe and the world in any way? Not in the short run of course, but if you believe that the EU:s biggest problem is the lack of transnational democracy and a common European sphere, this might be the beginning.

If you live in Sweden, make sure to join our PES-activist branch in Stockholm, and read about us in different languages here.


Blogger Anna, Fair and True said...

I wasn't able to attend the Giddens lecture today - hope you'll blog about it!

10/5/06 00:14  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Tonight, very busy day today. But I promise some good Giddens-quotes from the buffet dinner afterwards.

10/5/06 08:20  

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