Thursday, May 04, 2006

Local elections in Britain

There are local elections all over Britain today, and the BBC has a useful election guide (here). Due to scandals in the cabinet (Prescott’s love affairs, Clarke’s deportee row), mid-term fatigue, and disagreements over school reform the election will be tough for Tony Blair. Labour's three main election messages are:
  • Lower council tax under Labour councils
  • Fighting anti-social behaviour
  • Good education for all, not just a privileged few
According to one figure I heard, the new Tory leader David Cameron should pick up one in every 20 seats in order to have done a reasonably good election. (There are some 4 500 seats at stake). We won’t get the results until tomorrow Friday, but it is not looking good for Labour. One text message I got from a friend in the UK simply said: “Hi Eric. We’re f**ked, particularly in London”.

Anyway, Labour has lost local elections before, but I have a couple of wishes:
1. Hopefully Labour won’t lose too much ground; losing the instruments of reform on the local level is never good.
2. Hopefully the British National Party won’t make any gains.
3. Hopefully the Chameleon won’t beat expectations.
4. Hopefully this will start a fruitful debate about Labour’s third term and the long-term objectives of the party.
5. Hopefully at least a couple of the wishes above will come true...


Blogger Jukka said...

Alright there Eric,

It appears that none of your wishes came true. It was a diabolical mess for the Labour Party wasn't it?

I was there during the elections and it was very clear that there was a national feeling of "enough of Tony".

But we must remember there are even worse things going in the UK. Crystal Palace F.C was stopped by Watford.

12/5/06 09:24  

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