Friday, May 05, 2006

Giddens is coming to town

As expected, the local elections in Britain are not looking good, but there is a world outside Verona: Lord (!) Anthony Giddens is coming to Stockholm, thanks to the Arena Group.

This is a prefect opportunity to celebrate "Europe Day" and be left of center on the 9th of May. You can read more about the program etc by clicking on the poster (<---) or here.

Also, note that the Party of European Socialists is launching its "PES @ctivist" initiative the same day. This means that on the 9th of May you can officially become a PES-activist, even if some of us started a bit earlier...


Anonymous Henrik Gustafsson said...

I wish that I could to travel to Stockholm the 9th of May !

But I will probably meet Poul Nyrup instead when the PES activist concept is launched the 9th of may at the PES office in Brussels.

When I studied sociology at the university of Gothenburg in 1999-2000 I read a lot of Giddens work.

He has just not written about the future of social democracy. In the 90´s he did some "Dr Phil stuff" about modernity and self identity and also a book about changing values about sexuality and realtionships. Interesting.

I think that two good campaigners from Sweden was missing for Labour this election.....

5/5/06 11:52  

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