Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Election Watch: Kind of impressed, actually

Tonight the leader of Sweden’s Left Party, Lars Ohly, was questioned on public television (SVT). I was kind of impressed, actually. Ohly was calm and clear, even though he was totally off the mark when the job growth in Sweden was discussed. And I don't agree with him on a lot of the foreign policy stuff. For example, a UN mandate should not be a must in order to stop an on-going genocide.

I also think that the show worked better than last time. Knutson was tough when Ohly’s 200 000 new jobs in the public sector was discussed, but where were the questions about the EU?! In all: it happens every now and then, more often during election campaigns I guess; tonight I agree with Esbati.

* * *

Also discussed Danielsson and Reepalu on Studio 24 earlier tonight.


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