Friday, August 25, 2006

Election watch: A little bit like Watergate

An interesting morning: Expressen reveals that a candidate to the Riksdag from the Christian Democratic party, who also works close to their party leader Göran Hägglund, has tried to get employed by Social Democratic Youth. In order to spy and get secret information, of course. At the same time it is revealed that a member of Conservative Students infiltrated the Social Democratic campaign in 2002. Bad bad news for everyone, especially for all of us who like hard but fair campaigns, and who wants people to come and vote in large numbers.

Moreover, the former leader of the Christian Democrats (Alf Svensson) and the best MP of the Liberal Party (Birgitta Ohlsson) are attacking Fredrik Reinfeldt’s attempts to slaughter Swedish foreign aid to the world’s poorest. Not a day too early. Read the whole op-ed here.

Personally, I am looking forward to a Social Democratic press conference this morning at 10.00 about our policies regarding modern industries, research and development, new jobs, competitiveness in the world market, etc etc. A new report will be presented and I hope and think it will kick-ass (i.e. show that there are more modern ways to create new jobs than to lower a tax here and a tax there).

* * *

It is not very surprising that Andres Lokko, one of Sweden’s best columnists, devotes his entire column to his dislike of the Notting Hill Carnival in London (not online yet, look out for it here). Apparently, the carnival will pass outside his house, and I am not jealous. I was in London for the carnival in 1998, and it was indeed loud and messy. But also fun; the only time in my life [so far…?] the night included a party hosted by Stella McCartney.

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This also surprised me. Is it really true, Bruce?


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