Sunday, August 27, 2006

Short election break in Copenhagen

Took a short break from the Swedish election campaign this weekend and went to Copenhagen for a fantastic bachelor’s party. We spent the evening and night at what must be one of Scandinavia’s best nightclubs, and Copenhagen is always wonderful. But one thing bothers me: why is it so difficult to get a taxi at night? Demand was enormous in central Copenhagen, but where was the supply of taxicabs? However, we had a lot of fun and I am glad that Åsa and Claes are getting married the weekend after our national election.

* * *

Read a lot of newspapers on the train back to Stockholm, and today PM Nilsson shows why he is one of Sweden’s best political editors, even if I think that he is understating the differences between left and right in Sweden [article here].

* * *

Since I am a Liverpool E-season ticket holder I could watch Daniel Agger’s splendid goal against West Ham right when I came home to my apartment. I am confident he will be one of Liverpool’s most important players during many years to come.


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