Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mona and Bush’s SOTU

The best blog post I have read this week is about journalists, politics, and how the TV-show Agenda used their poll on Mona Sahlin last Sunday. Their big piece of news was that 26 percent of likely voters said they would be less inclined to vote social democratic with Mona Sahlin as party leader. But they ”forgot” to tell that their poll also said that 27 percent would be more inclined to vote for us with Mona as new leader of the party... Read Helena Markstedt’s take on this [Swedish], and don’t miss her collection of new, brilliant, center-left female politicians [English].

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The Economist has a quite well-balanced view of Bush’s SOTU, and the Progress Report offers a more critical view and provides loads of links as always. I watched CNN the morning after and they were all so glad that he mentioned the word ”global climate change”. We don’t have high demands on that guy anymore.

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