Monday, March 12, 2007


Historic times are coming up, Göran Persson is about to step down and Mona Sahlin will become the first woman ever to lead our party. In my editorial this week I write about this transition, starting from a famous election poster from 1985… More here.

* * *

Last weekend was a lot a fun, on Saturday I was at THE party, and it was among the best parties I have been to in a long while [hey, a Swedish version of the Seegers Session’s Band played]. I will not blog about any details, but I can say that I felt very happy (and hip) to be a social democrat that night. As you have seen in the tabloids, a lot ”famous” people were there, and I hope the openness and mix of people that night will characterize our party in the future. It was probably the hippest event I have been to since I ended up at Stella McCartney’s party during the Notting Hill carnival in London in 1998...

* * *

Also made a new friend during the weekend; don’t miss his blog.

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