Thursday, May 24, 2007

I fell in love with football…

If y’all wonder, it feels totally shit to lose a final in the Champions League to a team run by a man who has shown some worrying semi-fascist tendencies (yes, I am totally willing to describe Silvio Berlusconi that way, and I don’t use the F-word since I know George Orwell told us to use that word with caution). Needless to say, I think we were the better team tonight, AC Milan was lucky, and it is incredible how much Italian teams can fall to the ground and whine. But we lost since they scored two goals and we one, and overall AC Milan played well and we lost to a very good team. Congrats, AC Milan (a club I also respect in many ways, if you take Berlusconi out). All you can do is to cling on to the legendary quote by Nick Hornby:

“I fell in love with football as I was later to fall in love with women: suddenly, inexplicably, uncritically, giving no thought to the pain or disruption it would bring with it.”

Anyway, in a somewhat pathetic way I share this pain with a lot of other Liverpool-fans and tonight we all think of the same song. And in the middle of this misery, it is good to laugh. Apparently the image below was briefly shown on the official Liverpool FC-website during the game [thanks Pasquale]. Oh, well, there is always a next season.

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Anonymous Kenny said...

Liverpool ligger mej mkt nära, och förlusten är ju inte nåt man direkt man glömmer:p Men, de kommer igen precis som vi;)

27/5/07 14:19  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Precis så Kenny, vi kommer igen!

29/5/07 13:12  

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