Friday, May 25, 2007

Irish election 2007

The election in Ireland was completed yesterday and they started counting the votes this morning. The first exit poll was not good for Labour and the alliance FG/Labour/Greens (see below). and are good sites if you want to follow the developments.

EXIT POLL: Margin of error 2.5%

Fianna Fail on 41.6% almost = to 2002

Fine Gael up 4% to 26.3%

Labour 9.9% down 1%

PDs down to 2.6%

Greens at 4.8% up 1%

Sinn Fein 7.3% up1%

Indp 7.5%

So, looks like defeat right now: FF/PD 44% -v- FG/Lab/Green 41%

[Thanks for the photo Rhonda]

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Blogger Graham Ó Maonaigh said...

THings are starting to get incredibly interesting here. Labour has the most 2nd preferences and the Far-Right PDs look set to dissappear off the planet :))) While on the tallies we are down I still think we'll gain seats. Possbily not enough to form a government but the morale has jumped up massively ;)

25/5/07 12:54  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Great news, keep us updated my friend and the best of luck!

25/5/07 13:25  
Blogger Graham Ó Maonaigh said...

Final results:
Seat Numbers:
Fianna Fail 78 (down 3)
Fine Gael 51 (up 20)
Labour 20 (- no change)
Progressive Dem 2 (down 6)
Greens 6 (- no change)
Sinn Fein 4 (down 1)
Others(independents) 5 (down 10)

There was a few close losses for Labour were we lost seats by 60 and 70 votes. There will be a few recounts but I'd expect things to stay the same.

There is talk of Labour forming a government with FF but this will face a strong opposition from within Labour as its a good wayt o make things even worse for us in the next election.

The election was characterised with the smaller parties(Greens, PDs, SF and indepenedents) lossing seats. The larger parties remained strong with FG making a come back thanks to Labour saving them with transfers (grrrrr).

The Socialist Party while doing well lost its seat in the Dail. The Socialist Worker's Party candidate almost won a seat for the first time probably due to media coverage over his parentage.

Labour has a choice to make after this election. 1. Go on to work toward becoming the second largest party in Ireland 2. Make it self a smaller party by going into government with FF even after spending the last 4 years calling for FF to be removed from government.

FF is now on track to be in power longer than the Social Democratic Party of Sweden. With help from either the Greens or PD and INdependent support

27/5/07 02:38  
Blogger Eric Sundström said...

Thanks for a very good and informative report. Seems like you have something to build from during the next four years. What arguments are Labour-people who want to join FF in a coalition using?

27/5/07 22:42  

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