Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Ryan Adams record, again...

Just learnt that Ryan Adams is about to release a new album, again. The album will be called ”Easy Tiger”, more here.

In the meantime, one can always listen to some of the songs Ryan Adams has played on The Late Show with David Letterman: ”Come pick me up”, ”Let it ride”, ”So alive”, and (of course) ”New York, New York”.

But my favorite song with Ryan Adams is this one.



Blogger Laura Robles Castro said...

Thanks for passing by dear!!
We will keep in touch more often, ok?
It was nice to hear you!

31/5/07 22:31  
Blogger Oz said...

Should be a good album. Already two songs from the album have been released by Lost Highway to music blogosphere.

If you're interested

1/6/07 10:13  

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