Monday, November 12, 2007

Elections in Denmark

Tomorrow Tuesday there are parliamentary elections in Denmark. If you understand Danish, here are a few progressive (i.e. social democratic) blogs:
Jens Steen, a really good friend of mine since the days when I was active in SSF.
Dan Jørgensen, one of our sharper MEPs.
Jacob Bjerregaard, leader of the Danish Social Democratic Youth (DSU).
Peter Strauss, also a friend from DSU.
Kristian Madsen, previous president of DSU.
But unfortunately it seems like sharp and cool Trine Bramsen has closed her blog.

I am of course hoping that Helle Thorning Schmidt, leader of the Social Democrats, will become new prime minister. Her basic message is that welfare is more important than tax cuts and her government would not be dependent on the xenophobic Danish ”People’s Party”. Moreover, it would be great with yet another strong woman in a leading position in Nordic politics (Finland has a female President, Sweden and Iceland has women as leaders for their respective social democratic parties).

I just got a text message from my friend Jens Steen and he says that the TV-debate yesterday went well for the opposition, and that there is a new TV-debate tonight (the ”real” one that everybody watches). He thinks that the election will be really close but is far from sure that the progressive side will win. But the campaign seems to be working well.

We will see tomorrow.



Anonymous Psj said...

Hopefully it'll be close and exiting....of course the biggest question is, whether the center-left parties will be able to form government.

But besides from that - which is of course what we all are hoping for - there are many very interesting questions to be answered tonight.


1) Will the current majority be able to continue? - if not, this will mean a serius knock down for the Danish Peoples Party

2) Will the new party - New Alliance - be able to get the decisive votes...and how will this party do in Parliament (if they get in) Their president has been far from impressive during the campaign (far from!), and their a lot of their candidates are more or less "famous" Danish people, without a clou of politics.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt has been doing a great effort - and really made an impact. It has been a great pleasure to take part in a campaign with her as front runner..

Please everybody - cross your fingers tonight...hopefully it'll be close, and hopefully Denmark will have a new government tonight

13/11/07 11:20  

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