Tuesday, November 07, 2006

…and this is my prediction!

Just been to a polling station a block away from where I lived during the summer of 2002 (16th street/Columbia Ave). They were pretty busy, even if this is Washington DC where not too much is at stake. It started raining though, which is not a good sign (Washington State is flooded, according to CNN). Nice weather and high turnout is always good for candidates to the left of center.

Had lunch at The Diner because Tryst was closed – CNN was all over Tryst since they are going to broadcast from DC:s number one blogging-café tonight.

Here are my predictions: The Democrats will win at least 20 seats in the House; they need 15 in order to get the majority. When it comes to the Senate, I think the Democrats will hold all seats they have today (even though I am worried about New Jersey), and gain four to six (a net gain of six is needed). I think ”we” will pick up Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and even Virginia. But I am not all sure about Missouri and Montana, and unfortunately it does not look like Harold Ford Jr in Tennessee will become the first black senator from the South. The GOP GOTV-machine in these traditionally red states is very strong, but I am hoping for a miracle.

When it comes to the gubernatorial races, quite a few Democratic pick-ups are expected. Remember that it is very good if the Democrats get governors in swing-states like Ohio. This will be important in 2008.

Finally: two pictures from the Jim Webb rally in Virginia yesterday, featuring president Clinton. [And yes, I shook his hand as well].


Blogger Claes Nordmark said...

Let´s hope that you´re right, Eric! It would be really nice if the democrats won this fight!

7/11/06 23:52  

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