Monday, November 06, 2006

One day left…

Had a really good time Saturday at the BBQ; thanks Lukas and thanks one and all for showing up!

* * *

Went to the Jim Webb campaign HQ Sunday and was really impressed. I met a lot of nice, interesting people and it all resulted in quite a few interviews. A lot of people came there to volunteer and some of them ended up making phone calls in the hallways (picture). I got a good feeling about the Webb campaign; maybe he can pull it off after all (polls here).

* * *

Ended the day at a campaign rally in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Congressman [my bad, Mike] Ben Cardin, who most probably will be elected, was there, the impressive duo O’Malley/Brown was there, but above all president Clinton came and held (as usual) a very good speech. He still has that charisma and his appearance was very appreciated.

* * *

Will hit town now and do some interviews, and will round up with a Jim Webb/Bill Clinton rally in Virginia. It could be worse…


Blogger mike d said...

Cardin's a US Rep, running to replace the retiring Sarbanes - he's a really boring guy running a boring and uninspired campaign. Almost makes you wish Steele wasn't a Republican...

Sorry I missed the BBQ - sounds like it was fun.

6/11/06 19:08  

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