Friday, March 16, 2007

Hang in there, Finnish comrades

Parliamentary elections in Finland on Sunday and early this morning I got this text-message from my friend Esa:
”2 days left and polls suck. Center party leads by 1%, we come as 2nd and the right 0,7 behind and on the rise… Doesn’t look too good, but we will work as hard as we can.”
So, maybe we shouldn’t expect a social democratic PM in Finland anytime soon, but let’s hope that the fuzz about the TV-commercial will galvanize the blue-collar base. And don’t miss the SDP-commercials on YouTube (here, and here, and here). Hang in there, Finnish comrades. Work hard, they are just a little bit ahead!

* * *

Our own congress starts tomorrow Saturday. I will try to blog a little in English, but things will be hectic. When the delegates, guests and others arrive in the morning, they will get a copy of Aktuellt i Politiken (in its new layout) in their hand. Feels great to modernize the party newspaper on the historic day when will elect a fantastic woman – Mona Sahlin – as our party leader. Our website will not be totally re-done yet, but there will be some new content during the weekend.

* * *

Just a quick note: Don’t miss that Zapatero, Bush, and Giuliani all have problems.

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Blogger Hildur said...

We're screwed!

Only 67,9 % of the Finnish electorate voted, about 2 precentage points less than in 2003.

The Centre Party got 23,1% (-4 seats), The Conservatives 22,3% (+10 seats) and the Social Democrats 21,4% (-8 seats).

I exprected the social democrats would lose support, but I didn't expect such an enormous defeat. We simply didn't get our message across and couldn't convince our supporters to go vote. It's time for a thorough analysis of what went wrong and how we're going to go forward to win the 2008 municipal elections and in 2010 be the biggest party in parliament again.

We'll most likely get a fourth bourgois government in the Nordic countries. I'm terrified.

19/3/07 11:37  

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