Thursday, March 15, 2007

Miliband on YouTube

As you probably have heard, the Blair Government is moving forward with a new Climate Bill. In order to spread the word, the Secretary of State for Environment David Miliband [blog here, Wikipedia here] is also presenting the Climate Bill on YouTube. Check it out, and take a good look. If it won’t be Brown, or if Brown messes up, David Miliband might soon be heading a Labour Party close to you.

Who will be the first Swedish politician to present a new policy proposal on YouTube?

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Blogger Johanna Graf said...

Jag har mött honom, han är super. Min favoritkandidat!

15/3/07 21:23  
Blogger Daniel Cremin said...

So would you think Miliband is experienced/ charismatic enough to lead Labour into a fourth term - Though I think he's highly intelligent and an increasingly confident front bencher I think he's no where near ready enough to be a party leader let alone PM. The only realistic alternatives to Brown in terms of genuine gravitas are John Reid or John Denham as a centre-left moderniser - the third long-shot possibility late last year John Hutton could be the challeger Miliband faces in a post-Brown era in 2009 or sometime in next decade when Labour do lose. Jack Straw is the likely front runner if Gordon Brown had any unfortunate accidents, and if Blunkett hadn't fallen the 2nd time its not inconceivable he might have run.

17/3/07 06:05  

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